Gel Nails Polish-Understanding the Positive and Negative Effects


Generally, nail polish is used in painting one’s nails. It has aesthetic value. Usually, most women do this on their own nails. They come in different packages, styles, hues and designs. Polishing of the nails was done during the early days in the ancient China and Egypt. Today, it is still one of the hottest fashion accessories. Back then, the main purpose was to signify the status of women in the society as well as for beautification purposes.

What are Gel Nails Polish?

gel_nail_polishGel nail polish is one of the types of manicure. The main difference between this from other manicure types is that it uses gel to be able to bind the synthetic kind of fingernails to one’s natural nails. Compared to acrylic nails, it is more stronger and less instances to chip. Aside from that, it is odorless type of manicure and is more natural and healthier choice for it does not consists of the same acid found in acrylic nails. Generally, it is an artificial nail that resembles closely to a natural nail.

What are its Positive Effects?

When one opts to choose Gel Nails Polish over the others, they will experience benefits such as:

  • Quick drying It is known to dry in as fast as a few minutes compared to the other traditional nail polishes. It has a curing light and quick drying features which is good for persons who does not want to wait.
  • Durable It is also a durable polish that does not chip or crack. Aside from that, it is also flexible in nature. It has a UV or Ultra Violet Feature.
  • Effective polish to beautify your nails For women who love to polish their nails, this could be a good option to beautify your nails.
  • Works well on the natural kind of nails This artificial nail is good for natural kind of nails. Wearing it will often mistake it as part of the natural nails.
  • Versatile Persons who are skilled with nail polish can have the ability to add length with the use of gel polish. However, this can also be used in a traditional nail polish.
  • Extended wear This kind of nail polish can actually last until three weeks of the maximum time without worrying about the chipping and marring.

What are its Negative Effects?

Despite the fact that it has positive effects, it also has negative effects. When you choose Gel Nails Polish, you can expect the following negative effects:

  • Costly It is costly bought in the market compared to traditional nail polish.
  • Time involved The time involved is longer especially if you want to change the hue.
  • Removal of it done by a professional Only professionally trained are the ones who can remove this kind of nail polish.
  • Growth of new nails Growth of new nails is seen when colors of this kind of nails is more obvious.

Photo credit: Lelê Breveglieri via photo pin cc


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