To Fake Eyelash? Or Not to Fake Eyelash?

Have you ever tried to buy the latest and greatest mascara after seeing a commercial with a woman who had eyelashes that looked full, luscious and gorgeous? Only to find that the mascara does not give you the same look or affect? This is because many of the models used for mascara commercials use fake eyelashes.

nicely used fake eyelash

Fake eyelashes, those are just for proms and weddings right? Well, depends on when you want fuller and or thicker eyelashes. So the big questions are: when, how and why should one get fake eyelashes? Well let’s look at some of the facts when it comes to fake eyelashes and growing your real eyelashes.

How does one apply false eyelashes?

  • Open the lash box and pick up the lashes with tweezers. Holding the lashes up to your own eye you will probably notice that the lashes are too long or too wide for your eye. This problem is easily solved by trimming and snipping some of the length off with scissors so that the lashes follow the natural shape of your eye. Cut in small sections so that you do not accidently cut off too much in one go and ruin the lashes all together.
  • Next you need to apply the glue. Use something like a toothpick or Q-tip to apply the glue to the base of the false eye lashes. (Do not use regular glue to attach false eyelashes)
  • Use the tweezers to press the lashes onto your eyelash line and hold for about a minute so that the glue has time to stick and set.
  • The eyelash glue dries clear and do not worry if some of the glue gets stuck onto your eyelid because it can either be removed or covered with makeup.
  • Using eye liner is a great way to hide any line that may show because of the fake eyelashes.
  • At the end of the day you can take off your eyelashes and set them aside to use again.

False eyelashes also come in little pieces so that you do not have to have an entire fake eyelash you just fill in spots that seem a little scarce on your actual eye.

Now that fake eyelashes have been covered, it is time to talk about growing your eyelashes naturally. According to Beautylicious Salon & Supply, they are the premier distributor of Bimatoprost lash enhancer. Bimatoprost is a lash enhancer one can buy without needing a prescription.

According to “Careprost (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic) is a medicine used for growing eyelashes. The active ingredient, Bimatoprost Ophthalmic, does this by increasing the density, thickness, and length of the eyelashes.”

To fake eyelash or to grow them out naturally, that is the question. And it depends on your needs and your lifestyle as to what answer you will give.

This guest post was written by: Madison Hewerdine who writes for blogs all over the United States, to learn more about beautylicious salon click here.

Image Credit: Bingbing from flickr


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